Workshop on Data Science

The ERA Chair Team organised a Workshop on Data Science on 13-14 October 2020 at the University of Luxembourg on Belval campus. Thanks all for your participation!

The objective of the workshop was to present some research carried out within our university in life sciences, physics, economics, computer science and mathematics and that is related to data science either as a tool or as an area of research. Speakers were invited to present the type of data they process, the information they want to infer from them, and the tools they use. The workshop left time for discussion and interaction between the researchers in order to spur collaborations and interdisciplinarity.



  •  Prof. Yannick Baraud, Department of Mathematics and SanDAL ERA-Chair Holder
  • Dr. Benjamin Holcblat, Department of Finance
  • Dr. Jun Pang, Department of Computer Science
  • Prof. Thomas Sauter, Department of Life Sciences and Medicine
  • Dr. Emma Schymanski, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
  • Dr. Anupam Sengupta, Department of Physics and Materials Science
  • Prof. Martin Theobald, Department of Computer Science
  • Prof. Alexandre Tkatchenko, Department of Physics and Materials Science
  • Prof. Gautam Tripathi, Department of Economics and Management


The event was organised by the University of Luxembourg. If you have any question, please send your request to