First Master student promotion in Data Science

Launched in September 2021 with 17 students from all over the world, the Master of Data Science was officially inaugurated on 7 February 2022 at the University of Luxembourg on Belval campus. This event was a great opportunity to get an overview of this innovative Master and facilitate exchanges with students and professors.

After a few welcome words by Catherine Léglu, Vice-Rector for academic affairs, Jean-Marc Schlenker, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine, highlighted the importance of developing new training programmes in data science.

Then, Prof. Yannick Baraud, course director of the Master of Data Science acknowledged the 17 students of this first promotion and presented the training programme of the Master. With a multidisciplinary approach and an emphasis on deep learning techniques, an importance is placed on workshops and quality teaching. The Master of Data Science offers a complete programme including modules such as big data analytics, mathematical statistics, data mining, network analysis and many more with a goal to offer the students the best education and knowledge to become high profiled data scientists, opening the doors to jobs in Research, Insurance, Economy and Healthcare.  

Finally, two students from the Master, Max Sinner from Luxembourg and Claire Wang Ya from China shared their testimonials and gave an insight on why they chose this master, “having a background in Physics (Bachelor in Physics from, I was always intrigued by the statistical methods and modern computational tools to tackle research problems, which lead me to pursue the MADS as it provides a wide range of analytical and technical skills in the fast-evolving domain of Data Science, especially the field of Machine Learning. The program allows a graduate to pursue different careers in the industry, as well as preparing one for further studies (PhD)”, Max Sinner.

The event was concluded with a festive part where all the participants could exchange with each other’s.

The first student promotion of this Master will be graduated in 2023.