Scientific Seminars

Since his recruitment at the University of Luxembourg, Dr. Yannick Baraud has launched regular monthly seminars which aim to attract junior yet renowned experts in topics relevant to Mathematical Statistics, Probability and Data Science. These SanDAL seminars have been integrated into the existing “Probability and Statistics seminar”, organised by a group of mathematics professors in probability.

At this time, the following four seminars have been organised by the project:

Alexandre Moesching (University of Bern), Order Constraints in Nonparametric Regression (30/01/2020)

Richard Nickl (University of Cambridge), On Bayesian solutions of some statistical inverse boundary value problems (13/02/2020)

Guillaume Maillard (Université Paris-Sud), Aggregated hold-out (13/02/2020)

Cécile Durot (Université Paris Nanterre), Divide and Conquer methods in monotone regression (12/03/2020)

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